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How It Works


Reclaim Revenue

Piracy hurts your earnings. Take back what is rightfully yours. Recover lost revenue by automatically finding, de-indexing & eliminating illegally hosted platforms that steal and leak your copyrighted content.

Forum CleanUp can help protect your copyrighted material, revenue, and enhance your brand’s value, whether you are an individual creator on multiple platforms or a globally recognized brand with thousands of IP assets and rights.


Reduce Stress

Content leaks are upsetting to discover. Affirm your well-being so you can focus on doing what you do best. Our bots work 24/7 to find and scrape over every website and search engine for your content.

Using advanced AI, we identify and remove negative content like piracy and leaks, leaving only positive content like your social media accounts, official sites, and promotional material. This helps to enhance your brand’s online presence, value, and identity.


Protect Reputation

Safeguard your brand from impersonators to defend your name. Reputation in todays world can make or break you. Our bots will immediately pick up and Takedown any copyrighted content without you having to submit. This is a new feature created by Forum CleanUp (Auto-Takedown)




  • Unlimited google Delisting

  • Unlimited DMCA Takedowns

  • Email Reports

  • Daily Scans

  • SEO analysis

  • Social Media Protection

  • Catfish Deletion



  • Unlimited google Delisting

  • Unlimited DMCA Takedowns

  • Email Reports

  • Daily Scans

  • SEO analysis

  • Social Media Protection

  • Catfish Deletion


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will delivery take?

This depends on the website. Some removals are actioned within 30 minutes, while others can take 10-12 days. You will not see results overnight.

We constantly check up and escalate removals, and due to our great relationships with Google & other websites, we can issue removals far quicker than anyone else.

How does Forum CleanUp DMCA work?

Using our proprietary AI powered technology, we scrape the internet 24/7 for illegally hosted copies of your copyrighted work, as well as catfish accounts.

When we find the content we automatically issue removal notices to search engines and the website source.

How can i manage my subscription?

Using your login portal, you will be able to pause, cancel and resume your membership as well as see real time results.

Can everything be removed form the internet?

Unfortunately, some sites are unresponsive to DMCA Notices and utilize hosts who also are unresponsive, such as those parked in Russia. However, we do escalate our notifications to the server, web host, payment providers and advertisers and after long-term notifications, these sites are often forced to remove the content or be shut down. With the most accessible types of piracy which are from tubes and cyberlockers, removals are typically around 99% or higher.

Any company that claims they can remove anything and everything is being untruthful.

How can you remove catfish accounts?

We use advanced scanning technology developed in-house, that will submit a selfie of you and scan all social media platforms. it will pick up on the same patterns that phones use for facial patterns and is 99% accurate. as long as you have whitelisted all of your social media accounts, the catfish ones will be completely erased. Most catfish accounts are created to scam your real followers, we can protect and remove any current accounts in as little as 5 days.

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